Craft CMS Official Partner


It is with great pride and satisfaction to announce that Freelance Web Design is now an official Craft CMS Partner!

Craft CMS has been my go-to CMS solution since it was first released ~2013. Tired of the eccentricities of other Content Management Systems, and the bloat of WordPress, Craft CMS was a breath of fresh air. It seemed to take everything that works with how other systems operated, and either binned or fixed everything else.

You can tell that it’s been designed and built by people who know the web from all angles, and everything about it just dove-tailed with how I code and all the aspects I feel are important for successful, well designed and developed websites. And my clients love using it as well — the UI and UX is thoughtful and intuitive.

The developers listen to the community, meaning each update comes with even more useful features and improvements — it just gets better and better over time.

I look forward to my continuing partnership with Craft CMS.

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